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Terms and Conditions

1: Introduction

Regarding the use of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”) operated by World Navi Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “The Company”), we will establish the Terms and Conditions as follows.
We assume that members agree to this Terms and Conditions as well as additional conditions set forth in all the related pages including but not limited to “Help” and “User’s Guide” (herein referred to as “Separate or additional terms”)upon using the Site.

2: Agreement Scope and Revisions

This Agreement applies to the Web-based purchaseorder service and the information supply service provided by the Company.
In the event that any provision of such separate or additional terms is in conflict with any provision of these Terms and Conditions, the separate or additional terms shall prevail.
The Company may add, delete, change or revise the contents of this Agreement without notification to the User.
By using the Website, the User is deemed to have agreed to be bound by any revisions.

3: Member Registration

A Member is a person who has registered as a member of the Website after agreeing with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. When registering as a Member, at no point shall false information, third-party information or non-existing information be registered. In the event of any change in the information supplied by the Member in his or her application to the Company, the Member must promptly notify the Company of any such change.

You may register as a Member of this Website to receive information emails and for improved convenience of the Services. Only the User who registered as a member by following the prescribed procedures on this Website (“Member”) may use the User ID and Password set at the time of registration for the Services provided, and may not transfer or lend the User ID or Password to a third party.

The declaration of intent to the Company through the use of the User ID and Password is regarded as the valid declaration of intent of the Member corresponding to this registration information, and responsibility for all payments and other matters arising from this shall lie with the Member.

4: Management of Member Registration Information and Personal Information

Members are responsible for managing their member registration information and login information. Irrespective of negligence on the part of the Member, the Company shall not be liable for any damage to Members arising from the use by another party of their User ID or Password.

In the event that a Member establishes that the Member’s user ID or password have been used illegally by a third party, the Member shall contact the Company immediately and follow any instructions issued by the Company.

The Website deals with the personal information of Members in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” set forth separately, and in the event that a Member purchases merchandise at the Store, said Member is deemed to have agreed with the Company’s Personal Information Protection Policy.

5: Membership Cancelation

Any Member who wishes to cancel his or her membership registration shall do so by contacting the Company and by following membership cancelation instruction (“Membership Cancelation”). Following Membership Cancelation, the Services provided prior to that point become invalid.

In the event that a Member proceeds with Membership Cancelation, the Member’s registration information shall be deleted; purchasing and inquiry history shall be erased; and the Member will no longer be able to use the Website. In the event that a Member reregisters following Membership Cancelation, that Member will be able to use the Website; however, the Member will not be able to use services based on past purchasing and inquiry history.

6: Suspension of Use of Services and Cancelation of Member Registration

When a Member makes a false declaration at the time of membership registration; when there is a failure to meet payment obligations for any purchase; or when there is any other reason that the Company recognizes inappropriate action by the Member or User, the Company may revoke the credentials of said Member or User.

In the event that a Member or User inflicts damage on the Company as a result of the actions specified below, Member and User credentials shall be canceled and the Member or User shall be liable for compensation for the damage.

  • (1) Fraudulent use of User ID or Password
  • (2) Delayed payment or other debt default related to the Services
  • (3) Acts that infringe the intellectual property rights of the merchandise or contents provided by the Company
  • (4) If a Member or User is deemed to belong to, or be associated with antisocial forces, or if the Member or User is deemed to have dealings with antisocial forces
  • (5) If a Member or User accesses the Website and tampers with information or sends harmful computer programs or commits any other act that the Company determines as interfering with the Companys business
  • (6) If a Member or User commits any other act that the Company determines to be in violation of the Agreement and for which the Company determines it is appropriate to cancel the membership registration
Following Cancelation of Member and User Credentials, any Services provided prior to the cancelation shall be ineffective; Member and User registration information shall be delisted; purchasing and inquiry history shall be deleted; and the Member or User will not be able to use this Store in any way.

7:Establishment of the sale-purchase contract

After an order is placed, a sales contract is regarded as having been established once the order confirmation by either e-mail or telephone has been successfully made following the issuance of a Pro-Forma Invoice.

8:Flow of ordering and delivery

The flow of ordering and delivery of goods through the use of this Website is as follows.

  • (1) User makes an inquiry through the Website.
  • (2) The Company issues the estimates for the price negotiation.
  • (3) The Company issues a Pro-Forma Invoice to the User which will be followed by the confirmation by either telephone of e-mail.
  • (4) User shall remit the invoiced amount to the bank account designated by the Companyaccording to thedesignated terms of payment. (The User shall pay 100 percent of the invoiced amount before the Company commences processing the shipment, unless otherwise agreed upon between the both parties)
  • (5) User shall remit the invoiced amount to the bank account designated by the Companyaccording to thedesignated terms of payment. (The User shall pay 100 percent of the invoiced amount before the Company commences processing the shipment, unless otherwise agreed upon between the both parties)
  • (6) The User shall receive the merchandise at the destination port.

9: Points to remember regarding the distribution

  • (1) Although the Company shall strive to ship the ordered item(s) in a reasonable and prompt manner, it shall not be liable for any economic loss due to the delay of the shipment.
  • (2) Additionally, the Company shall bear no responsibility for any change of laws or regulations in the User’s country (the destination country) and the cancelation of the order or return of merchandise due to such changes shall not be acceptable by any means.
  • (3) It is the User’s responsibility to comply with all customs laws and regulations of the User’s country (or the destination country), including applicable duty and tax requirements. The Company shall not bear any liability for such laws and regulations.
  • (4) Any additional cost that shall be incurred after the arrival of the merchandise due to the delay of the shipment shall be borne by the User. The Company has no responsibility for such a case.
  • (5) Any order that is placed using the User ID and Password shall be regarded as a valid order by the Member who corresponds to the registered User ID and Password used, regardless of the reason.
  • (6) In the event that the order placed by the Member or User is not received as a result of Internet malfunction or any other reason that cannot be attributed to the Company, the Company assumes no liability.

10: Cancelation of the Sales Contract

The Company may at any time after the establishment of a sales contract cancel said contract without prior notification to the User in the event of any of the following:

  • (1) The merchandise could not be delivered due to an unknown addressee.
  • (2) Inability to deliver the merchandise due to any other circumstances.
  • (3) The User fails to make a payment according to the terms of payment.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraph, in the event of fraudulent or inappropriate behavior with regard to the use of the Website, the Company may revoke or cancel the sales contract or take any other appropriate measures.

In the event that the contract is canceled as stipulated in the previous paragraph, the Store may invoice the User for actual costs incurred up until the point at which the contract was canceled.

The User agrees to pay the cancellation fee as specified by the Company for any cancelation of an order after the order contract has been completed. Any cancelation after the shipment shall not be acceptable by any means.

11: Loss Risk

The risk of the loss of all merchandise purchased at this Website shall be transferred to the User at the point of the loading, unless otherwise specifically agreed upon by the both parties.

12: Scope of Liability

This Agreement lists all obligations relating to the merchandise.
No other matters are guaranteed, in accordance with appropriate laws.
Please ensure your full understanding of the purpose of the merchandise on this Website before using the Website.

The Company cannot assume liability for fraud or economic deterioration.
The Company assumes no liability for the loss of data resulting from the use of the contents of this Website or the inability to use the contents of this Website, or for direct, indirect, extraordinary, incidental or consequential damage including lost profit.

In the event that maintenance, repair or modifications are required to equipment or to data as a result of the use of the contents of this Website by the User, the User shall assume full liability for those costs; furthermore, in the event of the disappearance or loss of the User’s data as a result of factors such as malfunction of communication lines, the Company assumes no liability.

Please be aware that emails sent by the User to the Company may not arrive or may be delayed due to factors such as system malfunctions. The Company assumes no liability for such non-delivery, delay or associated damage.

13: Prohibited Matters

The User shall not carry out the acts stipulated below:

  • (1) Acts that are or could be in violation of this Agreement
  • (2) Acts that cause or could cause annoyance, disadvantage or damage to another User, to a third party or to the Company
  • (3) Criminal acts, acts that violate public order and morals, acts that are in violation of other laws and ordinances or acts that could be any of the above
  • (4) Acts that obstruct or could obstruct the management and operation of this Website
  • (5) The use of the Services through the unauthorized use of the personal information of a third party or the use of false information
  • (6) Acts involving the unauthorized use of member information
  • (7) Acts that infringe intellectual property rights owned by the Company or by the Company’s affiliates
  • (8) Any other act that the Company deems to be inappropriate

14: Disclaimers

The Users are deemed to have accessed, understood and agreed on the Disclaimers on this Website.

15. Other Disclaimers

  • (1) The Company may freely change, delete or add to the configuration of the Website, its contents, web pages or others, and is under no obligation to restore the website to its state prior to said changes, deletion or additions at the request of the User.
  • (2) The User shall bear the entire cost relating to the preparation and installation of computer equipment and communications equipment, etc. required for the use of the Services, as well as communication fees including telephone charges, Internet access fees and line usage fees required to use these Services.
  • (3) In the event that Member or User data is lost, or is indecipherable due to factors such as malfunction or problems with the computer equipment and communications equipment or failure of communication lines used by the Company to provide the Services, the Company may unconditionally and immediately cancel or rescind any sales contract without notification.
  • (4) In the event that the Company bears any notification obligation to the Member or User, the Company will have fulfilled that obligation by means of notification based on information registered by the Member or User and, with regard to the delivery of merchandise, by outsourcing shipment to the delivery company at the destination address specified by the Member and User.
  • (5) In the event that the Member or User causes damage or similar to a third party as the result of the use of the Services, said User shall settle the damage at his or her own liability and cost, and shall not cause any annoyance or damage to the Company.
  • (6) The Company assumes no liability for any damage arising from the Member or User being unable to use the Services.
  • (7) The Company assumes no liability in regard to matters such as damage, loss or disadvantage arising in regard to the use of the Services in any event, regardless of the legal cause for the claim.
  • (8) The Company shall be exempt from its obligations by processing paperwork in accordance with the registered details by the Member.
  • (9) In the event that the Company changes the Member’s password, the Company is exempt from its obligations by confirming the identity of said Member in accordance with the method specified by the Company.
  • (10) The Company may change specifications, design or other information on the merchandise without prior notification.

16: Jurisdiction

  • (1) The establishment, effect, implementation and interpretation of this Agreement shall be governed by Japanese laws.
  • (2) In the event that an issue arises with respect to use of the Services that cannot be resolved by this Agreement, the matter shall be resolved in good faith upon negotiation among the Member, User and the Company.
  • (3) If the need for litigation arises with respect to the Services, the Kobe District Court or Kobe Summary Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance depending on the sum of litigation.

17: Consignment of personal information

The Company shall not entrust a part of or all of our handling of personal information to any third party.

18: Procedures of request for disclosure, etc.

For procedures of the Company for responding to requests from the subject or agent of the subject for notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or removal of contents, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of provision to a third party (“request for disclosure, etc.”) with respect to personal information subject to disclosure retained by the Company, please make requests to the following. In such instance, in order to prevent leaks of personal information or rewriting of information, etc., the Company will request presentation of documents or materials by which identification is possible, and handle these in accordance with procedures provided by the Company. Personal information subject to disclosure shall be that which is indicated in the purpose of acquisition of the personal information in the above.

For any unclear aspects, or complaints or consultations, please contact the following address

Privacy Information Protection Committee
World Navi Co., Ltd.
Phone:+81 78 686 0688

19: Regarding Cookies

Cookies are unique identifiers that we transfer to your device to enable our systems to recognize your device and to provide features such as Click purchasing, personalized advertisements on other Web sitesand storage of items in your Shopping Cart between visits.

The Help feature on most browsers will tell you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie, or how to disable cookies altogether. Additionally, you can disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies, by changing the add-ons settings or visiting the Web site of its manufacturer.

Because cookies allow you to take advantage of some of the essential features of our website, we recommend that you leave them turned on. For instance, if you block or otherwise reject our cookies, you will not be able to add items to your Shopping Cart, proceed to Checkout, or use any of our products and services that require you to Sign in.