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Purchasing at Auction

1 Register

Through World Navi, you can buy a vehicle at a Japanese used car auction where over 100,000 vehicles are put up for auction each week.
In order to purchase at the auction, it is necessary to register with World Navi in advance.
Please Contact Us.

2 Search Vehicles

Once registration is completed, you can search for vehicle data on the dedicated site.

3 Bid

Please select a vehicle and enter the desired bid amount.
Our inspectors can verify the condition of the vehicle before bidding.
You will be notified of bid results. If you place a winning bid on a vehicle, it will be transferred to the World Navi yard for inspection.
You will be informed of the results of the inspection.

4 Shipment

After receiving the full payment, we will immediately begin arrangements for export via the first available vessel.
We will send you documents by courier a few days after the vessel leaves Japan.

5 Receive documents from World Navi

Once you receive the documents, you can prepare to receive your vehicle at the destination port.

6 Deliver for your vehicle

You will receive your vehicle once the vessel arrives at the destination port.