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High Quality Automobile Exporter.

Quality Control

  • Good Condition

  • Affordable Prices

  • Accurate Information

  • Quick Delivery

World Navi procures strictly selected vehicles from Japanese used car auctions and used car dealers, and delivers them all over the world with reliable, consistent quality you can trust.


We check the condition of the vehicle before purchase, inspecting the history of accident repairs and any other issues that may have occurred in the past.

  • Accident Repair History

  • Engine Check

  • Odometer Check

  • Interior and Exterior

Checking the condition thoroughly makes it possible to procure quality vehicles at reasonable prices!

Product Information

We disclose accurate basic information on vehicles (vehicle type/grade, mileage), equipment, optional parts and accessories, etc.
Value (price) varies depending on what the vehicle is equipped with.
Our mission is to provide accurate product information so you can select the right vehicle for your needs.


Used cars are brought to the World Navi stockyard and are inspected again.
The items inspected are as follows:

  • ・Engine
  • ・Transmission
  • ・Electrical system
  • ・Tires
  • ・Oil
  • ・Rust
  • ・Odometer
  • ・A/C
  • ・Coolant


Once a vehicle is purchased, shipping procedures are carried out swiftly according to customer needs.
We have prepared a wide range of shipping plans, and provide optimum delivery all over the world.